• The first manufacturer in china for rotary plastic tank moulds, and diesel pump, and gasoline pump, and adblue pump! Advanced fuel solutions manufacture in china over 25 years! 

    We have 7000square meter factory, computing warehouse, new rotation moulds Machine, new assembly zone, new mechanizing metallic transformation machines, new laboratory, and lots of new products every year. 

    Our main market is Australia, Germany, U.K. Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA, Canada etc., and established good business relationship with many famous companies and factories all over the world. 

    We always perfect and strengthen our quality control system to make our products conform to advanced international standard.Most of our products are approved by UL, CSA,GS, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, And also have lots of patent certificate for lots of products. 

    We assure you that we are the advanced fuel solutions for you in china!

    • 25+
      Manufacture in china over 25 years
    • 7000+
      Factory area
    • Certificate UL, CSA, GS, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
    • OEM
      OEM custom solutions
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    By closely interacting with clients, we listen to their needs and act on their demands. We believe the fundamentals in establishing a win-win partnership are design capabilities and customer service.
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      About Us
    • Introto About us Everyoung Introto About us Everyoung
      Everyoung Introto About us Everyoung,ISO9001, ISO14001 system certified factory with numberical control machining center, lathe machine, also with meter test tables , pump test tables, etc Strict quality standards Professional technical team.
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      About us.The design of is finely considered. It considers various connected factors such as the expanse of the available space, the nature of the space to work on, the function and style of the product to be promoted, etc.

    Ningbo Yinzhou Everyoung Metals Co., Ltd.

    We assure you that we are the advanced fuel solutions for you in china!

    The Portman Plaza business building, No.48 CaiHong Road, Ningbo China.

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      Ningbo Yinzhou Everyoung Metals Co., Ltd.
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      Yang Hai Xiang

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