The adblue tanks Designed to meet the requirements for storage and transfer of Diesel exhaust fuid (DEF)AU32 urea solution, commonlyreferred to by the trade names of Adblue, No Nox and Air1.

In Compliance With Eu Legislation, Many New Commercial Vehicles must run with a Selective Catalytic Reduction System(in Short SCR). ThisKind of system substantially reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) emissions by converting them Into harmless nitrogen and water through the use ofa special Catalytic Converter and a non-explosive, non-toxic,non-falmmable , water-based urea solition, also called Adblue . This means thatnew trucks and buses have to be fitted with an Adblue tank as well as a fuel tank. 

All Adblue equipment and dispensing units we supply are manufactured to ensure that the quality of Adblue is not compromised whilst providing a speedy transfer from tanks to vehicles.

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