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AC Oil Pump

  • AC Oil Pump AC Oil Pump
    AC VANE-TYPE OIL PUMPSVane pumps designed as modem, effective solutions for the variousrequirements of pumping oils and lubricants. Thanks to the availablemodels VISCOMAT satisfies the need to:• transfer large quantities of product at medium pressure between tanks;• guarantee good flow rates at high pressure in applications in whichthe pump must supply the reeling drums of fixed, "in-line" oil distributionsystems on fixed pumping systems;The main features are:connections • quiet operation• regularity of flow characterized by the absence of pulsations• closed-delivery operation option thanks to the incorporated adjustable BYPASS• high suction capacity,• compact design.Performance Characteristics• Flow rates from 25 I/min• Pressures from up to B bar [71 psi).• Continuous operation.• Noise less than 70 dB.