Advanced fuel solutions manufacture of diesel pump, fuel transfer pump in china over 25 years.
Best 1229C bipump DC Fuel Diesel Transfer Pump 85LPM sith CE supplier

Best 1229C bipump DC Fuel Diesel Transfer Pump 85LPM sith CE supplier

Best 1229C bipump DC fuel transfer diesel pump 85LPM sith CE supplier

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Displacement, self-priming, rotary electric vane pumps for transferring diesel fuel, characterized by high flow rates. All pumps are equipped with by-pass valve.Powerful, dependable and economical, they are available in 12 and 24-volt versions.Thanks to their compact

size, ease of installation, dependability and safety, these pumps are used as the primary system on earth-moving machinery and on mobile fuel pumps on vehicles or in construction yards.  

Technical specifications                                                                                      

• pump body in Cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment and painting.

• Support base. 

• Pump of the blade type with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes. 

• Mechanical seal.

• Incorporated bypass valve.

• D.C. motor with brushes and permanent magnets. 

• Connector block with ON/OFF switch. 

• Protection fuse. 

• Degree of protection IP55.

• Filter 100μ incorporated in pump body, easy access for maintenance.

• Threaded 1" coupling directly on pump body, overload protection. 

• 1" flanged connectors, external filter.

• 80L/MIN

• 22GPM

• 2000RPM

• 1”BSP

• 44A (12V), 21A (24V)

• 11KGS

Everyoung Best 1229C Bipump DC Fuel Transfer Diesel Pump 85LPM With CE Supplier,Have 4 factories in China, We have 7000 square meter factory, standardized plant, modern production equipment, computingwarehouse, and we continually develop the new products every year.  we are also an advanced fuel solutions' manufacturer in china.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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